Richpeace Single Needle Quilting Machine
  • Área de acolchoado até 3200*3200
  • Elevação de cabeça até 15cm
  • Corte de linha automático
  • Velocidade até 3.000ppm
Richpeace Automatic Single Head Bar-Tacking Sewing Machine
  • Fully automatic computer program control
  • Consistent stitches
  • High working speed
  • Arbitrary design of pattern
Richpeace Automatic Non-stop Sewing Machine ( Leather )
  • Non-Stop working system
  • Automatic lifting head
  • Driven by the screw
  • Large working area
Richpeace Triple-Deck Single Needle Automatic Quilting Machine
  • Triple-Deck quilting machine
  • High production, less space
  • Automatic feeding and discharging
  • High quality duvets
Richpeace Rotary Head Precision Quilting Machine
  • High precision quilting machine
  • Rotation head 360° arbitrarily
  • Great working area
  • High speed and stability
High-speed Multi-needle Quilting Machine
  • High Speed Multihead Quilting Machine
  • Up to 3 quilts per minute
  • One and Two Rows of Heads
  • Adjust of Needle Distance
Richpeace Computerized Single-color Single Roll Quilting and Embroidery Machine
  • Quilting and Embroidery Machine
  • Continuous work
  • Jumbo size rotary hooks
  • Strong and precise
Richpeace Automatic Nine Heads Bar-Tacking Machine
  • Production on mattress, furniture items etc
  • Indoor products with bar-tacking crafty
  • Round bar-tacking or any other reinforcing patterns
  • Machine head distance 200-400mm adjustable
Richpeace Automatic Ultrasonic Quilting Machine
  • Ultrasonic quilting and ultrasonic edge
  • Roller height adjustment elevator
  • High production efficiency
  • Suitable for mattress, bed quilt
Richpeace Super Thick Material Large Rotary Hook Multi-needle Quilting Machine
  • Super Thick Material Quilting Machine
  • Sewing Thickness 220mm
  • Stitch Length 10mm-50mm
  • Suitable for quilting of 3D mattress
Richpeace Automatic 4-Side Seam Sewing Machine
  • Cross Direction Sewing
  • Automatic 4 sides seam sewing
  • Advance control system platform
  • Suitable for after multi-needle quilting
Richpeace Single Color Automatic Perforation and Sewing Machine
  • Leahter sewing and punching
  • High working speed, accurate pattern
  • Arbitrary design of sewing pattern
  • Easy to lear and use
Ricpeace automatic 360-degree rotating single needle sewing machine
  • 360-degree rotating head
  • Large working area
  • Needle cooling system
  • Pneumatic lifting head 50mm

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