Four sides edge trimming and sewing used for after multi-needle quilting, the 4 edges cutting & seam sewing. Easy for later seam binding process after multi-needle quilting, and easy for further tape binding process. 


1. Automatic Four sides trimming and sewing after multi-needle quilting. Possible to have active feeding platform to be connected and work as single machine;

2. Advance control system platform, PLC human-machine interactive interface;

3. Side Sewing: double chain stitches (optional with lock stitch or over-lock stitch);

4. Cross Sewing: multi-needle chain stitch;

5. Solved the “open mouth” problem after multi-needle quilting;

6. Reduced the difficulty on heavy material edges finishing process, and improved tape binding quality;

7. Significantly reduce material wastage during production process;

8. It can be installed with the fibre feeding and fabric loading device to realize the comforter production;

9. Storage device stores quilts material from the output of quilting machine;

10. Vertical sewing and cutting both edges & seam sewing at same time;

11. Cross direction sewing and cutting at the same time seam sewing both cutting edges;

12. Material pulling component delivery fabric material;

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