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Odif 905

Key features
ODIF 905 Temporary Embroidery Spray Glue

Odif 905 temporary spray glue has been developed for fixing and positioning fabrics, applications and garments in industrial embroidery decoration. It is long-lasting and has a high holding power. Due to its micro contact points, it allows heavier pieces to be held more firmly.

As it is a dehydrated product, it does not penetrate the interlining and does not transfer adhesive particles to the needle mechanisms. As it is colorless, it does not stain fabrics and has a long-lasting adhesion after application.
Ideal for temporarily fixing heavy fabrics, felt, genuine and synthetic leather and cardboard for sewing, embroidery, cutting, etc.

Odif 905 temporary spray glue features:
  • CFC-free, respects the ozone layer;
  • Temporarily fixes to fabrics and paper;
  • Prevents sticking to embroidery or sewing needles;
  • Application free of visible residue;
  • Odorless and colorless;
  • Leaves no sticky residue on the front surface of the fabric when applied to the back;
  • Ideal for embroidery or quilting;
  • Used to baste and sew layers of fabric;
  • Facilitates the positioning of parts of the fabric for sewing in fashion projects;
  • Ensures fabric stability for machine embroidery;
  • Does not transfer residues to the underlying fabric;
  • Free of acids and fluorinated compounds;
  • Water-based compound;
  • 500ml containers;
  • Available in boxes of 12;

Advantages of Odif 905 temporary glue spray:
Odif 905 spray does not contain acid or water and therefore does not wet the material;
Solves problems often encountered with other glues;
Because Odif 905 spray is an easy-to-use spray adhesive, it is very economical and convenient;
The 'low odor' means that unlike many other adhesives, even when used in confined spaces Odif 905 spray can be used comfortably. 
Odif 905 spray can, if necessary, be easily removed in a wash. Many other adhesives leave a sticky residue that is often difficult to remove. 
Odif 905 spray dries without leaving a residue. Some other adhesives leave stains or marks on exposed surfaces. 
Unlike many other adhesives, Odif 905 spray is always effective, providing just the right amount of adhesion. Many other products give either too little or too much "adhesion".
Odif 905 spray has been proven to be effective in both domestic and industrial environments in providing the correct level of adhesion, thus avoiding the wasted time associated with bonding.

How to use: Shake the aerosol before use. Spray light layers at a distance of 25cm from the surface (do not wet the product, the adhesive should arrive on the product in the form of practically dry microparticles).

For temporary bonding: spray a thin layer on the surface for a few seconds. Applications can be easily removed without transfer.

Yield: Approximately 1,000 applications or 35m².
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