This machine is a high speed local stitch quilting machine, suitable for mass production of quilts. Able to connect with fiber line produce quilts automatically. Good for winter comforter, summer quilts, bed covers, mattress protectors, mattresses, etc.

  • The special big shuttle double-row multi-needle quilting machine has a working speed of up to 1500 RPM, which is more than 3 times the speed of ordinary shuttle quilting machine, greatly improving the working efficiency;
  • Special designed high speed industrial sewing head, needle bar and presser foot bar are driving independently, suitable for special production either thin or thick material production demands;
  • Optional quilting step independent pattern (covering 180°,360° pattern), more accurate pattern, no needle loss, no ring;
  • Horizontal sewing head and rotary hook structure, make production quality check and bobbin thread change very easy;
  • Customer may choose one head bar or two head bar model according to Pattern, Production, Cost, Product type, etc;
  • Equipped worldwide advanced quilting machine head, the lower needle row can be moved side-way up to 52.2mm, coordinate working with the upper needle row, able to make many types of quilting patterns without changing needle position, hence greatly improve productivity;
  • First machine in the industry to allow freely adjustable needle rows distance from 75 to 210mm with no change of the initial needle position, enable extra large patterns to be quilted;
  • Lower needle row can be moved sideways at will up to the machine Stroke in X direction. Comparing with traditional machine needle adjustment, this machine save a lot time of adjusting the needle;
  • Automatic Loader Moving along with the pattern quilting direction, make sure the material feeding straightly;
  • It can complete the quilting of various patterns, without changing the needle position, thus greatly improving the production efficiency;
  • Richpeace computer control system, powerful and 100% self-developed technology. Touch screen operation, graphical interface, clear and intuitive, all functions can be seen in the same interface;
  • Advanced upper thread breakage detection function, auto needle lifting when machine stopped;
  • Vaporize Automatic Oiling Refill especially for needles and hooks;
  • Richpeace new generation quilting software, easy operation of CAD drawing system;
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