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Soft-Backing 55gms

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Soft-Backing embroidery backing pre-cut sheets ready to use

We know that most of our customers' stores and embroidery ateliers are small spaces, which complicates the storage and cutting of the bulky rolls of backings common in the industry, in order to transform them into small sheets suitable for daily use on the hoops of their embroidery machines. 
StabilisNext Soft-Backing machine embroidery backings are supplied in packs of 500 pre-cut sheets, ready for use. They are available in black and white, and in sizes 150x150mm and 250x250mm.

StabilisNext Soft-Backings for machine embroidery have a thickness of 55g/m2, combine natural and synthetic fibers, and are the right length to ensure delicate, consistent and high-precision embroidery. They have been specially developed to tear easily in any direction, optimizing the stability of embroidery work.
These characteristics make these backings the preferred choice among professional and industrial embroiderers, particularly those working with flexible fabrics, as they make it easy to remove excess material quickly, economically and safely, compared to backings that need to be meticulously cut out with scissors. It is recommended to remove excess backings by tearing as close to the embroidery as possible, in order to avoid distortion.
  • Due to its stability, you can use a single sheet for most jobs. As always, it is recommended that you test it before doing a series of embroideries;
  • It can be used in frames by loading it together with the fabric to be embroidered;
  • You can load the backings into the frame and place the fabric on top of the backings so as not to mark the fabric with the frame:
  • You can use ODIF 405 or 905 temporary glue to fix the fabric to the backings;

Colors, packaging and thicknesses:
  • Colors: Available in black and white;
  • Packaging: Packs of 500 sheets;
  • Dimensions: 150*150 and 250*250mm sheets;
  • Thickness: Available in 55g/m2;
  • Composition: Cellulose/Polyester;
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