Temporary Embroidery Spray Adhesive

ODIF 405

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ODIF 405 Temporary Embroidery Spray Glue
ODIF 405 temporary embroidery spray glue has been the market leader for decades as the best adhesive product in its class. It creates a strong bond, yet allows for easy repositioning of the fabric. Embroidering without having to load the pieces into the hoop is no longer a challenge - the adhesion is strong enough to avoid the cumbersome and time-consuming process of loading the pieces into hoops and avoiding the characteristic mark. This product is also great for keeping applications in place.

It has been developed specifically for the temporary fixing of fabrics and garments during embroidery, printing or DTG printing. It won't damage the needles or the embroidery machine. Customers who try ODIF 405 spray glue include this excellent product in their list of essential embroidery supplies. 

Ideal for temporarily attaching fabrics or paper for sewing, embroidery, cutting, etc.

Characteristics of Odif 405 temporary spray glue:
  • CFC-free, respects the ozone layer;
  • Temporarily fixes to fabrics and papers;
  • Prevents sticking to embroidery or sewing needles;
  • Application free of visible residue;
  • Odorless and colorless;
  • Leaves no sticky residue on the front surface of the fabric when applied to the back;
  • Ideal for embroidery, printing, DTG and quilting;
  • Used to baste and sew layers of fabric;
  • Facilitates the positioning of parts of the fabric for sewing in fashion projects;
  • Ensures fabric stability for machine embroidery;
  • Does not transfer residues to the underlying fabric;
  • Free of acids and fluorinated compounds;
  • Water-based compound;
  • 500ml containers;
  • Available in boxes of 12;
Instructions for use: 
Always test on fabric before starting production. Shake the can well and use the spray away from all machines, as it will affect sensitive parts.

Shake the spray can before use. Spray light layers at a distance of 25cm from the surface (do not wet the product, the adhesive should arrive on the product in the form of practically dry microparticles).

Spray adhesives are suitable for most fabrics, however, stains can occur on extremely delicate fabrics or fabrics with a special finish, such as silk, velvet, imitation leather and technical textiles, so test first.

Whenever possible, spray the application or the cut piece and not the base material.

Temporary bonding: spray a thin layer on the surface for a few seconds. Applications can be easily removed without transfer.
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