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Durak PolySoft thread colour chart

Discover the vibrant world of colour with our DURAK Poly-Soft thread catalogue, a premium selection that promises to revolutionise your embroidery projects. Each Poly-Soft thread is meticulously created from continuous Polyester-Trilobal fibres, guaranteeing exceptional strength and unrivalled durability that lasts over time.

With a diverse palette of 420 vivid colours, our catalogue offers unprecedented creative freedom. Whatever fabric, leather or other material you wish to embellish, our Poly-Soft threads are ready to bring your most complex and enchanting designs to life, in 5 different thicknesses to suit any embroidery challenge.
Designed to optimise your production, Poly-Soft threads are enriched with special lubricants during their manufacture, promoting a smooth and efficient embroidery experience. The high quality of the fibres used significantly reduces thread breaks, maximising your production time and the efficiency of your work.

In addition, consistency and colour harmony throughout the catalogue ensure that each embroidery faithfully reflects its original vision, with coherent colours that are perfectly aligned with each use.

We invite you to explore our catalogue of DURAK Poly-Soft threads and transform your embroidery palette. Whether for industrial, professional or personal projects, Poly-Soft is the choice that takes your work to the next level. Order now and let the colours speak for themselves in your next embroidery projects.
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