Snap-on platens

Tabuleiros de impressão magnéticos

Key features

Equip your printer with useful extras

Take your customization beyond t-shirts with our range of platen options and make the most of your workspace with our ergonomical stands.

Snap-on platens

Create a variety of customized garments
Expand your personalized-apparel portfolio with a TexJet® DTG printer and our selection of platens that snap on magnetically.

Broaden your spectrum.

The shortee2 has 6 options and the echo2 has 10, so you can produce personalized designs on a variety of textiles (cotton, denim, linen, leather, canvas, etc.) and items (shoes, bags, jeans, sleeves, baby bibs, etc.). We can even design platens at your request!

Set up and switch in seconds

Our efficient design lets you easily swap platens, reducing downtime so you can increase apparel production.

Print precisely

Our frame system keeps garments in check, regardless of size or shape. Adjustable knobs adapt the frame to the apparel’s thickness and keep surfaces flat and stable, resulting in great results.

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