Universal Stand

Get the storage you need. Flexible and simple to assemble, this ergonomic stand is specifically designed for all Polyprint products (TexJet echo2, shortee2 and PreTreater Pro).
This modern, easily movable and durable stand will provide the extra space you require.

Organize your workspace

Enjoy a clean, well-arranged workstation with all your necessities neatly tucked away. Find four storage compartments with height adjustable shelves for inks, platens and tees;  as well as cable grommets to manage your cables.

Work without hassle

Safely place the machine on a large durable surface and start production. Make no mistake! Pinpoint exactly where your prints will land with Polyprint’s compatible camera system.

Move around safely

This stand comes with four heavy duty 360° caster wheels with built-in brakes, for care-free, in store, relocation of your workstation.

Printer Stand

Small, yet spacious. Looking for a more compact option? This stand is specifically designed for our printers. Its small in size, easy to assemble, and provides safety – stability. Gain extra storage and comfortably change around your workstation. (Compatible with TexJet echo2, shortee2)

Relocate your printer.

Easily move around your machine and position it anywhere within your workspace, with its four heavy duty 360 degrees caster wheels with built-in brakes. Safely lock your printer into position, and start production.

Put your workspace in order

Compact, yet spacious, with a 90 degrees opening door, to store your garments. Tidy up your frames on the two external side hangers.
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Snap-on platens
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Polyprint PreTreater Pro
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  • Quality and Consistency
  • Track your production
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