Polyprint PreTreater Pro

Máquina de Pré-tratamento Polyprint

Take your business to the next level

with our PreTreater Pro

Get everything you need for excellence – precision spraying to prepare your garments for amazing prints, automation for less downtime, and simplicity for less mess and hassle. With this pretreatment machine, you can easily exceed customer expectations with vibrant colors, sharp details, and great washability!
Why do you need pretreatment?
  • For dark-colored, garments, it creates a bond between the fabric and the white ink.
  • For light-colored, cotton & polyester, it makes prints cleaner, more vibrant, and more durable.

You spoke and we listened!

We used customer feedback to design the PreTreater Pro for top-quality results, consistency in repeated jobs, and improved washability while saving on liquids. Uniform spraying and repeatability produce clean and sharp prints throughout every run.

Track your production

Job and consumption calculators will show you exactly how many garments have been sprayed and how much liquid has been used.

Quality & consistency
Spray perfectly
A regulator maintains stable liquid pressure,
a stepper motor maintains precise
movement, and four large flat nozzles
uniformly distribute pretreatment liquid
across the entire spray area, guaranteeing
great results.

Pristine prints, wonderful wear

Our advanced pretreatment machine does exactly what you need, preparing your garments for amazing prints with minimal fuss or waste!

Spray consistently

An auto-recirculator and washable filters
keep the liquids smooth and free of
sediment so they coat every batch exactly
the same.

Save on pretreatment liquids

Minimize waste by selecting the exact area and liquid amount needed.


Use only what you need

Choose between 14 and 40 milliliters to get the right pretreatment without costly experiments or oversprays.

Spray only where you want

Pick “linear” consecutive areas or “grid” non-consecutive areas to pinpoint where your prints land.

Minimize waste when switching liquids

Independent tubes on each tank reduce liquid waste during switches and maintenance.

Maximize runtime

The PreTreater Pro’s robust construction – with an ABS protected chamber, PS platen, and “box-in-a-box” design – protect parts from mist, reducing maintenance and extending endurance.

Easy of use, anyone can do it!

Multiple features make using our pretreatment machine a snap to learn and simple to do.

Avoid overflows and mis-sprays

“Almost Full” and “Almost Empty” indicators will warn you so you can empty the waste tank or refill the pretreatment tank at the right time.

Enjoy a clean and healthy workspace

The isolation chamber collects the mist, and the removable drawer and lightweight PS table make it easy to clean the chamber. Sensors stop production when a cover has opened, so no more inhaling mist and putting your health at risk.

Manage your production

A 7-inch (17.8 cm) color touchscreen allows you to operate the entire system. Automate your workflow with 5 preselected options, 10 custom presets, and our “Scan-to-Spray” barcode automation feature.

Benefit from the guidance


The PreTreater Pro always tells you which liquid is in use and notifies you when switching. Following the messages when powering up or down will keep it in great condition. It can alert you to certain user errors as well.

Enjoy simplified maintenance

Shared tubes automatically charge and discharge, ensuring the right amount of pretreatment liquid from first shirt to last. Nozzles refresh every 30 minutes of idle time to remain ready for your next job.
Three washable filters protect the system from sediment blockage, and replaceable 5-liter tanks stay sealed, reducing the risk of dust or debris entering the system.

Pretreat like a pro

Advanced features = precision spray

State-of-the-art construction = minimal waste and improved environment

Intuitive interface = simplified production and maintenance
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MAX SPRAY AREA 41x60 cm (16x23.6 in)
DIRECTION Y-axis movement
METHOD 4 nozzles with 0.53 mm (0.02 in) orifice diameter, 80º angle
TANKS 4 x 5Lt tanks: 2 pretreatment liquids, 1 cleaning liquid, 1 maintenance tank
DIMENSIONS L104xW84xH66 cm (L41xW33xH26 in)
WEIGHT 104 kg (229 lbs)
POWER 100-120V / 200-240V, 50-60Hz, 250W
OPERATING CONDITIONS Range: 15-30 °C (59-86 °F) with 30-70% relative humidity
Ideal: 22-26 °C (71.6- 78.8 °F) with 55% RH
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