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The Next Best Thing in Garment Decoration

Texjet NG – hybrid garment printers, are the ultimate solution for on-demand high volume production, featuring hybrid technology that combines Direct-to-Garment (DTG) and Direct-to-Film (DTF) printing to produce top-quality output for businesses of all types.

With fast printing speeds, advanced automated features, and a premium ink line, Texjet NG series printers offer superior print quality and a consistent workflow.

Maximize your business potential
Take your brand to the next level with Texjet’s sustainable printing technology. Experience rich, long-lasting colors and luxurious hand-feel designs that bring your unique fashion fingerprint to life.
Texjet NG series printers allow you to automate your fulfillment business workflow, execute mass on-demand print jobs with minimum downtime, while streamlining your production for optimum efficiency.
Grow your garment decoration business and extend your application spectrum by printing on both natural fibers and synthetics with the same printer. Introduce your way into personalization to meet every customer’s demand.
Scale up your print shop and produce small runs according to your needs. Texjet NG series are always ready for printing no matter the production volume. Enjoy consistent quality with low cost of ownership.

From small runs to high-volume production

The Texjet NG series are the ideal solution for businesses with frequent one offs and small production runs, up to companies with higher production and customization requirements.

Texjet NG120, NG130 and NG140 are configured with two (2), three (3), and four (4) print heads respectively. Numbers are based on production printing mode. DTG artwork dimension: 28×28 cm (11×11 in), including garment loading/unloading time. DTF productivity is calculated with two A3 DTF Xpress transfer films placed onto the 50×70 cm (20×28 in) platen.

Print with confidence: Up to 3-Years of warranty

Looking for added assurance with your Texjet NG garment printer? Polyprint’s got you covered. Our printers come with a 1-year bumper-to-bumper warranty, but you can extend it for up to two more years with two limited warranty options.

The limited warranty covers ink flow parts, including print heads, for printers. Each part is eligible for a one-time replacement per year during the warranty period.

Invest in the best garment printers

Skyrocket your business profits with the Texjet NG series printers! Their low cost of ownership, together with their high productivity leads you to a fast return of your investment. Discover how each NG model can pay for itself in no time.

Estimated with: Labor Cost: 15€/h. Average ink consumption: Light garment: 2ml, Dark garment 7ml (5ml white and 2ml CMYK). Garment cost: 2,5€. Percentage of light/dark: 50%.
Selling Prices: Light garment: 17€,  Dark garment 20€.

Combined DTG and DTF technology

Texjet NG garment printers offer the ability to print directly onto the garments using DTG technology and the flexibility to print on a wider variety of fabrics using DTF technology, while using the same ink setup! Swap between the two printing methods in a matter of …seconds. Printing custom apparel on demand has never been easier!

  Reverse the print mood
Print high-quality film transfers quickly with the unique, reverse print mode for DTF, that allows fast one-pass printing of White on top of CMYK.
Increase your productivity by printing multiple logos at once or gang sheet transfers filled with various designs.
Complete DTF solution
Designed for Texjet printers, DTF Xpress product range consists of certified ink, adhesive powder, film transfers (A3, A3+, A2), and anti-slip pads to ensure top-notch quality and performance.


RIP Software Included Learn More
The Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel v10 – Polyprint Edition RIP suite will do half the thinking for you – conserving ink, streamlining workflows, editing, even budgeting!


Grand print area

Superior print quality. Every time

Expand your garment decoration possibilities with Texjet NG garment printers, featuring one of the industry’s largest platen size of 50×70 cm (20×28 in).

Enter new markets with all-over designs and extra-large images for fashion and home textiles. Plus, this XXL platen is ideal for placing one A2 sized film (or two A3+) when performing DTF prints.

Experience exceptional print quality of up to 4800 dpi, enhanced by the premium Texjet Inks, resulting in vivid colors, photo-realistic designs, and scalpel-sharp details.

Texjet NG printers are equipped with advanced automated features such as White ink recirculation, CMYKW agitation, and preconfigured cleaning cycles to provide ink homogeneity and consistency at all times. This results in peak head performance and uninterrupted workflow, ensuring high-quality output for all your printing needs.

Platen height-adjustment Hassle-Free setup
Precisely levelled sensors set the ideal distance between the media and printheads automatically, at the touch of a button. This feature allows you to print on a variety of substrates with confidence, ensuring consistent print quality and sharp details, even when transitioning from thick hoodies to ultra-thin transfer films. You are all set! Texjet NG series printers come ready-to-use with a preconfigured 19” touch-screen PC. No need to fuss with external PC, RIP installation and complicated printer settings; just plug your printer, load the inks, and start printing!

Powered by Texjet Inks

Our specially formulated inks are designed to maximise the performance of Texjet garment printers, providing a wide color gamut for precise color accuracy, superior white ink coverage in a single pass, high productivity due to fast curing, and excellent wash endurance. Additionally, Texjet Inks are optimised for both DTG and DTF printing!

Bulk ink system for efficient printing

All Texjet NG garment printers are equipped with a bulk ink system that enables cost-effective printing. The bulk ink tanks allow refilling during printing for uninterrupted high-volume production. Paired with ink level sensors that provide real-time feedback, alerting you to low-ink levels and minimum-ink requirements to ensure safe printer operation.
Effortless printing with easy-to-use features

The system features a 7” touch screen display with a user-friendly interface that provides all the necessary information. Keep track of your production progress by monitoring the print jobs performed and ink consumption counters. Additionally, you can easily access live information about the bulk ink quantity through the ink level indicators. To stay informed, pop-up notifications will alert you about any system errors and guide you through troubleshooting.
Broaden your printing spectrum

Benefit from the different platen options and produce numerous personalised garments. Keep thin and thick garments flat and steady for DTG printing with the adjustable frame system. Match your antislip pad to a bigger sized platen and print multiple films at once. Cover a wide spectrum of DTG & DTF applications taking advantage of each platen.
  Standard range: We offer 7 platen options, from 15x15cm (6x6in) to 50x70cm (20x28in). Custom option: We design platens at your request based on your unique applications needs.
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