Richpeace Automatic Non-stop Sewing Machine ( Leather )

RPAS-L-NS-1-900×600-B-IS2-VR2-LH50, UTC-3P380V/ RPAS-L-NS-1-1000×1250-B-IS2-VR2-LH50

Automatic sewing automotive interior, automotive seats largesize pattern sewing for seats cover, roof carpet, luggage compartment, etc.

Product Introduction:

Richpeace Automatic Non-stop Sewing Machine is one of the new Computer Digital Control Sewing Machine. It is the new member of Richpeace 4G Sewing Machine. A low-carbon environmental protection equipment with garment CAD software, computer control system and computer embroidery and quilting technology. Non-stop sewing machine doesn't need to stop for preparing the sewing fabric, it divided into A and B working area, alternated run. When A is running, B can prepare the fabric for next sewing process, A and B don't effect each other. One operator is enough. Achieving the non-stop sewing and enhance the efficiency.

Machine features:

  • Working speed: 2500rpm.
  • Sewing head independently liftable up to 50mm.
  • Sewing head and Hook case move on X-axis with ball screw drive, ensure high precision. stable and reliable.
  • Two independant working area A/B shift without machine stop or joint A & B working area together being a super large sewing area.
  • Able to be equipped with down-proof mechanism, avoid down leakage during sewing.
  • Large storage capacity, save 2 million stitches.
  • Bobbin thread counter enable to provide bobbin thread capacity alert by bobbin thread consumption or number of sewing pieces made.
  • Four design patterns circulate function: support four patterns to be automatic switchable.

Lifting Head

High speed lifting head can up and down from 0 to 50mm

Ball Screw Driven

Driven by the screw to ensure the sewing stitch is accurate and stable.

Automatic lubrication

Intelligent atomization lubrication system.

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