Richpeace Automatic Single Head Bar-Tacking Sewing Machine


Key features
Automatic production of various indoor products such as cushions and pillows. Can sew circle patterns and any other reinforced patterns.

Product Introduction:

1. Fully automatic computer program control, replaced the traditional manual sewing machine mode of one-person to one-machine;

2. Press-bar and frame are working synchronously while sew is processing, ensuring high precision tufting. (Patent, Exclusive);

3. There is no need to fix the mat during working, just put it into the sewing frame with precise positioning, realizing the non-stop function when change material;

4. Quick production changing, only need to replace the frame bottom plate or use a combined plate, no need to do special used pressure bar (cost-saving and time-saving);

5. Sewing head is automatically lifting up and down, and it can be used in cushion tufting within 11 cm;

6. The tufting and stitching modes can be switched. Turn off the tufting function and remove the pressing tool, the machine can be used as a normal heavy material automatic sewing machine;

7. Easy to learn and operate, no professional and skilled sewing machine operation required, less dependence on skilled workers;

8. Easily realized the special sewing process;

9. Consistent stitches, reducing faulty sewing rate;

10. Realized simplification and standardization of the production process;

11. Good consistency sewing stitches, stable quality, and less defective;

12. High working speed and precise pattern;

13. Arbitrary design of pattern, unlimited;

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Product Parameters
Speed 2000 rpm
Power Supply Single 220V
Power 3.45kW
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