Product Introduction

1. Integrated with ultrasonic quilting and ultrasonic edge welding together, and finishing at same time.
2. The latest structure design with interleaved transducers ensures embossing seamless & non-wrinkles.
3. Equipped with roller height adjustment elevator, can quickly adjust the roller to the horizontal level.
4. Quilting width can reach to 3200 mm maximum. And any pattern designs can be done just by replacing the pattern roller.
5. Free from threading troubles of traditional sewing type with needles and thread.
6. The whole imported vibrator has strong sonic wave and good quilting effect.
7. The edge cutting is ultrasonic cutting and can be adjusted at any position by manual, convenient for fabric cutting.
8. Automatic scrap collection device on both sides, convenient for further treatment.
9. High production efficiency, 3-5 times output of stitching machine.
10. Easy operation, high welding strength and high production efficiency.
11. After quilting, it can be connected with the cutting machine to cut to the finished product, or connected with rolling device to the fabric rolls.
12. Ultrasonic generator is placed on the upper end of the quilting machine and shares the same cabinet, which looks beautiful and space-saving.
13. Equipped with advanced SICK light curtain device, high sensitivity, ensuring worker's safety.
Product Parameters
Model RPQC-NM-U-17-2500-UB-NA-3P380
Power 380V 3P, 50/60Hz
Material Width 0mm—2500mm
Max Speed 0—5m/min (depends on material type and thickness)
Machine Weight 4000KG
Machine Size 4000mm×6000mm×2270mm
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