Automation in DTF
printing technology

Filmjet ALL IN ONE Direct-To-Film system delivers longer unattended print runs and minimizes the need for human intervention, resulting in reduced costs and increased efficiency.


Why Filmjet

Filmjet is aimed to help established DTF print producers looking to scale up their operations, while benefiting from enhanced system stability, reliability, and productivity.
Filmjet is the response to the industry’s demand for a reliable and complete solution from a trusted manufacturer. Polyprint guarantees a smooth customer experience coupled with outstanding service and support.
Filmjet integrates advanced automation technologiesindustrial-grade printing speeds and features such as the Smart System-Control and the Constant Film Tension.
Along with Auto Powder Recycling, these automations, ensure the protection of both the equipment and the print jobs, leading to substantial cost savings and trouble free workflow as well as user safety.


Smart System Control  Constant Film Tension
Monitors all system processes and fully automates printer functions, such as activating/deactivating the powder applicator and the dryer when needed, preventing print runs from damage. This ensures optimal energy savings and minimizes material waste. The motorized winding and unwinding system and the adjustable film pressure maintain consistent tension. This setup keeps the film aligned and flat, preventing sidewise shifting that could lead to issues during printing, powdering or the drying process.

Auto Powder Application and Recycling

  Air/Vaccum Excess Powder Removal
A fully automatic mechanism, equipped with a set of adjustable brushed rollers precisely applies regulated powder amount, ensuring uniform diffusion. Excess powder is recycled via an automatic system, transferring it to separate containers atop the central tank for reuse. An adjustable air vacuum, coupled with an “air knife,” efficiently removes excess powder by redirecting it back into the suction area. Additionally, an antistatic bar neutralizes static electricity onto the film to prevent powder adherence and maintain cleanliness.

Auto White Ink Circulation and CMYK Ink Agitation

Multi Zone Smart Curing  4x Printheads Staggered
Filmjet features automated systems for ink circulation and agitation, ensuring consistent ink quality for optimal print head performance and smooth workflow. This guarantees high-quality output and superior printing results. The dryer has four heating stages, each with independently controlled IR lamps, enabling various temperature profiles for optimal powder curing. A removable protective glass facilitates easy cleaning and prolongs lamp life. The system also features a built-in fume extractor. Optimal spacing between printheads ensures CMYK drying before White ink application, maintaining quality even in fast print modes through printhead overlap. Integrated printhead-guards protect against media damage.


Optimized performance of Inks, Films, and Powder, delivers print consistency, color accuracy, and exceptional wash fastness.

INKS CMYKW - 1lt bottles
FILMS 60cm x 100m Rolls
Hot/Cold Peel Films
Film transfer instructions: 10sec / 160ºC / Cold Peel 
POWDER 1kg bags
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