Maximum reliability and maximum efficiency
Richpeace embroidery machines with flat embroidery system are ideal for companies that mainly focus on industrial and ready-to-wear embroidery in large quantities. Richpeace machines meet the high quality requirements of their customers. Designed for open field production, our machines start with single head machines and go up to 96 heads per machine.
Richpeace embroidery machines combine a number of advanced and unic features: great precision and high reliability in continuous production. A solid construction and the specially developed anti-vibration pneumatic pads ensure low noise generation at high speeds. Available with large working areas in combination with high speeds ensure excellent cost-effectiveness.


For clothing, home textiles, furniture, car interiors, toys, bags, shoes and other embroidery areas.

Main Features
  • Machine equipped with 22 flat embroidery heads and 15 colours per head;
  • Working area 400x800mm;
  • Laser pointer system for easy piece loading;
  • Control computer with touch screen, USB port and WI-FI;
  • Maximum operating speed up to 1,200 stitches per minute;
  • With renewed chassis structure, made of high quality steel, with high rigidity for faster and smoother embroidery;
  • Anti-vibration pneumatic base for a more stable and silent work;
  • The new pantograph designed for high precision and smoothness ensure a more prefect stitch;
  • Motion control systems are driven by precise servo motors on main and X/Y axis of the pantograph;
  • Unique cam motion technology for perfect, bright and refined stitching;
  • Slide linear guide system for precise movement and durable pantograph;
  • Quiet design pantograph movement system enhances users' experience;
  • Easy-to-adjust presser foot height according to different fabric thickness;
  • Smooth embroidery thread feeding on single tension base, even on metal threads and wools;
  • SMC automatic lubrication system, protect the equipment in 24 hours of continuous operation;
  • Intelligent high-sensitivity thread breakage detection minimizes the possibility of missing stitches in embroidery;
  • Colour change by servo-driven spindle system ensures fast, silent and accurate colour change;
  • Thread trimming: New dynamic thread trimming system, allows to control the length of thread trimming, clean, silent and stable trimming. Higher efficiency, silent operation and better embroidery quality and productivity;
  • Stable upper thread brake does not let any thread escape after thread cutting even very often;
  • High density and wear-resistant worktable, good flatness and good appearance;
  • The latest electronic control system Richpeace. An industrial quality control system developed with ARM+LINUX architecture. It has the characteristics of stable work, flexible expansion, intuitive and fast use, etc. It specifically cooperates with the servo motion control systems. It enables high working speed, delicate embroidery and high quality designs;
  • With the advantages of vertical machine production from Richpeace. Develops its own control software, electronics and mechanics of its machines. With intellectual property rights, has Research & Development department and possibilities to build tailor-made equipment;
  • Three core competences: Independent Research & Development, production of sewing mechanism, shuttle mechanism and thread feeding mechanism to ensure size accuracy and quality stability. CNC processing in aluminium alloy, special surface treatment, precision and durability;
  • Various optional devices are available upon request. Please refer to Optional Functions;
  • Please inform yourself of the current functions and features, due to the constant developments, there may be changes in the models without prior notice;
Other products that might interest you
Richpeace Computerized Multi-heads Cap and Tubular Embroidery Machine
  • Compact, fast & reliable
  • Read designs from USB & WiFi
  • Frame moved by servo motor
  • Precise and versatile machine
Richpeace Computerized Mixed Chenille Embroidery Machine
  • High speed mixed chenille machine
  • Double color twin sequin device
  • High speed up to 1.200spm
  • Auto clean and lubrification system
Richpeace Embroidery Machine with Laser Cutting
  • Até 24 cores por bordado
  • 20 Cabeças e corte a laser
  • Área até 600X800mm
  • Mudança automática de bobines
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