Product Introduction

1. 12-color double-headed large area computerized embroidery machine, more suitable for large area embroidery application of home textile products. Two heads work at the same time, embroidery area of each head is 800mm×1500mm. When any one of the heads is closed, embroidery area of a single head can be 1100mm×1500mm, through the combination of two heads, it can reach 1900mm×1500mm super large area embroidery, which is more efficient and precise than traditional embroidery frame merging & inverted method.

2. Richpeace 3rd generation computerized embroidery control system, a self-developed industrial grade control system with ARM+LINUX architecture. Has the characteristics of stable work, flexible expansion, convenient and quick operation etc. Cooperate with full servo drive system, has the advantages of high working speed, fineness pattern embroidery and high quality embroidery.

3. Richpeace has the advantages of integrated production of software, electronic control and machinery. With independent intellectual property rights, plus R&D in customization capabilities.

4. Self-developed Richpeace Welcome Embroidery CAD software, seamlessly connecting with Richpeace embroidery equipment.

5. Main shaft, X, Y are all servo motors drive.

6. Trimming system: dynamic electro-machinery trimming, able to control thread cutting length, higher efficiency, working quietly and improved embroidery quality and productivity.

7. Three main shells: independent R&D and production of the needle stitching mechanism, hook mechanism and thread take-up mechanism to ensure the accuracy of dimension and the stability of quality. Aluminium alloy CNC processing, special surface treatment, precision and durability.

8. Machine frame is made of high-quality steel, high rigidity, horizontal platform welding. Super large gantry milling machine one-time milling and forming, double beams structure, precise and firm.

9. High hardness table board, high strength & wear resistance, good flatness, CNC machining center one-time processing and forming.
Product Parameters
Model RPCE-NM-FE-2-800(1100)×1500-B-F12-VR1-NA-1P220
Speed 1000 RPM Max.
Power Supply Single phase 220V / 3-Phase 380V, 50Hz
Power 1.6kW
Installation Area 4148mm×3500mm×1650mm(L×W×H)
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