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Threads Color
P.V.P. Un.P.V.P. Un.
5.000m Cone
5.000m Cone
5.000m Cone
5.000m Cone

Packing: 5.000m Cone

Threads Color: White


Packing: 5.000m Cone

Threads Color: Preto


Packing: 5.000m Cone

Threads Color: Red


Packing: 5.000m Cone

Threads Color: Marinho

DURAK Poly-Soft Embroidery Thread is the ultimate choice for all your embroidery projects. 
DURAK Poly-Soft Embroidery Thread ia an exceptional trilobal-polyester thread is made from continuous fibers, ensuring superior strength and durability. With a stunning range of 420 vibrant and lively colors in 5 different sizes, you'll be able to create intricate and beautiful embroidery designs on virtually any fabric, leather, or any other embroiderable material.

One of the key features of DURAK Poly-Soft thread is its trilobal structure, which provides exceptional light reflection and gives your embroidery a brighter and more radiant appearance. This makes your designs stand out and truly shine, enhancing the overall visual appeal of your work.

In addition to its stunning appearance, DURAK Poly-Soft thread is manufactured to improve your overall embroidery experience. Special lubricants used during manufacturing, combined with a high quality consistent raw material structure, ensure increased machine and embroidery performance. This means you can enjoy greater production efficiency with fewer thread breaks, resulting in less downtime and more time spent creating your beautiful designs.

Furthermore, DURAK Poly-Soft thread is engineered to provide superior color harmony and consistency across the entire range of colors. This ensures that your embroidered items will have a cohesive and professional appearance, with perfectly matched shades and tones every time.

In summary, DURAK Poly-Soft Embroidery Thread offers a host of benefits for both the professional and amateur embroiderer. Order your thread now to experience the difference DURAK Poly-Soft Embroidery Thread can make to your embroidery projects today.
Durak's Poly-Soft embroidery thread has the following certifications:

OEKO‐TEX® Standard 100 Annex 6

Storage Conditions
It must be stored away from heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.
Durak embroidered products are washable, foldable, and resistant to sunlight and chlorine.
Use the washing and storing instructions below to achieve the best results;
1) Products should not be stacked and folded when humid.
2) Embroidered products should not be put in the dryer without rinsing thoroughly.
3) In steam washers, the products should be hung on hangers and should not be in contact.
 It is important that the heat level should not exceed 150ºC.
4) Colors are manufactured according to industrial color tolerance.

Physical Properties

Melts at 260ºC and softens at 220 - 240ºC.
Shrinkage is less than 1% at 150ºC.

Chemical Properties

Mineral acids: Resistant against most mineral acids.
Alkalis: Unaffected by weak alkalis, moderately resistant to strong alkalis.
Organic solvents: Unaffected by normal solvents, soluble in some phenolic compounds.
Bleaching: Unaffected.
Microorganisms (Mildew/Not): Unaffected.
Washing / Dry Cleaning: Unaffected.
Moisture regain: %0.4
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