Double Head Inkjet Line Drawing Machine for Shoe Upper / Vamp

Modelo: JYBJ-12090LD

Automatic Inkjet Line Drawing Machine

JYBJ12090LD automatic inkjet machine is specially designed for precise stitching line drawing of shoe materials. The equipment can perform automatic recognition of the type of cut pieces and precise positioning. It is high-speed, high-precision and assembly line processing flow. The whole machine is automatic, intelligent, and easy to learn.

High-Speed and High-Precision

In the shoe industry, the accuracy of the sewing line drawing on the shoe part is an indispensable process. The traditional manual drawing process is not only labour intensive, but the quality also depends entirely on the proficiency of each worker.

Goldenlaser JYBJ12090LD automatic inkjet machine is specially designed for precise sewing line drawing on footwear parts. The machine's artificial vision can perform automatic recognition of the cut pieces and precise placement. It allows a great workflow and high accuracy in the assembly line. The whole machine is automatic, intelligent and easy to learn..

Advanced Features

  • An automatic machine for drawing lines on cut pieces of shoes;
  • Precise and stable transmission and high-speed servo drive;
  • Full automation of cut pieces feeding, screen pressing, line drawing, and collection;
  • High-Strength press mesh to avoid warping, shifting, and deformation of the cut pieces;
  • Intelligent recognition of cut pieces by artificial vision, different cut pieces can be mixed and fed;
  • Servo motion module with dual inkjet heads for high speed and efficiency;
  • High temperature disappearing ink, water disappearing ink, fluorescent ink, etc. are available on request;
  • Collection platform comes standard with drying system to speed up ink drying;
  • Applicable for various shoe materials such as leather, PU, microfiber, synthetic leather, cloth, knitted fabric, mesh fabric, etc.

Simple to Use, Easy to Learn

The simplification of processes and the replacement of labor by machines are the way out for factories in the future. Therefore, goldenlaser launched a fully automatic inkjet stitching line drawing machine to help shoe factories save labor, improve efficiency, and save costs.


Manual or automatic loading
High precision camera recognition
Inkjet marking
Drying and unloading

Machine Features

  • Fully automatic assembly line operation, only need a worker to load the material (automatic loading device is optional).
  • The whole machine consists of three stations: loading area, inkjet processing area, and drying and unloading area. The effective working range of each station is 1200mmx900mm.
  • The inkjet processing area is designed with a grid-shaped pneumatic press screen, which can press and flatten the cut pieces, and the camera recognition software has a grid elimination function.
  • Equipped with high-precision industrial cameras, intelligent recognition of shoe uppers. Different types of uppers can be mixed and loaded, with software automatic recognition and precise positioning.
  • The inkjet head adopts X-Y gantry motion mode. Single head and double head are available. Imported servo driven module, fast speed, high precision and low failure rate.
  • High-frequency and high-speed inkjet head, with very slim spraying dots. Applicable to all kinds of disappearing ink and fluorescent ink.
  • Pneumatic inkjet head with pneumatic lifting function.
  • Collecting platform comes standard with drying system.
  • Application: Suitable for inkjet marking of various shoe upper materials.

Technical Parameters

Model No. JYBJ-12090LD
Maximum working speed 1,000mm/s
Acceleration 12,000mm/s2
Repeating positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Positioning accuracy ≤0.1mm/m
Recognition accuracy ≤0.2mm
Working table Rubber belt driving transmission working table
Working table height 750mm
Transmission system Synchronous belt module transmission
Control system Servo control system
Vision positioning 2.4M pixels industrial camera
Noise ≤65Dd
Power supply AC220V±5%  50Hz
Power consumption 3KW
Software Golden Laser Vision Positioning Software
Graphic formats supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST

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