Richpeace Tubular Embroidery Machines TC Series

Multi-head commercial embroidery machine
The latest technology of TC series Richpeace tubular embroidery machines provides the perfect combination of quality and efficiency that every embroiderer needs to develop their own business. The TC series is a compact model but of high production, being able to be installed in places of reduced dimensions. It follows the same robust construction model as industrial flat machines, working 24 hours a day. This is a machine for those who need versatility where the diversity of applications is essential, quickly and accurately executes work in the flat field, with caps and many garments already made.

  • New redesigned pantographs using servo motors on X and Y axis ensure accurate embroidery.
  • With option of 12 or 15 needles per head and 400 * 450mm working area
  • Available from two to twelve heads, it can be equipped with a sequin applicator and laser pointer.
  • Multi-purpose embroidery machine: Various applications for using the machine, such as t-shirts, shirts, work uniforms, caps, as well as normal flat embroidery.
  • Power Failure protection function: When unexpected power failure occurred, it can search for the suspension point and make a continue operation.
  • Scale up/down: Scale the designs down to 50% or up to 200% in the increments of 1%; Rotation is by 1-degree increments.
  • Work process back/forward is available in units of stitches, color change or designated stitch count.
  • Adjustable presser foot: can be adjusted according to different thickness of the material, usefull for 3D embroidery.
Product Parameters
Model Head Needle Embroidery
Area (mm)
Speed≤(rpm) weight
Power(kw)  Input power supply  Machine
dimensions (mm)
Flat Tubular Cap Flat Cap/Tubular L W H
TC-1.12 1 12 400*450 380*380 170*70 1000

750 340 1.0 single phase 220V/50Hz

3-phase 380V/50Hz
1120 1200 1650
360*450 380 1360 1230
TC-2.9 2 9 400*450 280*280 170*70 420 1.7 1680 1260
TC-2.12 12 360*450 460 1800 1260
9 400*450 280*280 170*70 820 2.0 2480 1410
TC-4.12 12 360*450 860 2680 1410
9 400*450 280*280 170*70 920 2.2 3200 1410
TC-6.12 12 360*450 960 3480 1410


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