Richpeace single color automatic perforation and sewing machine for leather car seats, foot pads, aviation seats, interiors, leather furniture, sports Shoes, leather shoes, leather clothing and other fields.

Product Introduction

1. Realize sewing and punching in one, with the punching point controlled by computer and achieve the desired combination pattern.
2. It is easy to learn the operation of the machine and no requirement for skilled sewing machine operation, which reduce the dependence on skilled workers.
3. Arbitrary design of sewing pattern, easy realization of special sewing process.
4. Good consistency of sewing stitches, with stable quality and low reject rate.
5. High working speed, accurate pattern.
6. The distance for punching and sewing head is 200mm, while the switching time for sewing and punching can be neglected to maximize work efficiency.
7. Sewing head and punching head are independent up and down, guarantee the actual working area, also make it convenient to open and reloading the templet.
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