Richpeace Magic Inkjet Plotter


Key features
  • With stable high-speed printing, HP (quality mode) / high-speed (efficiency mode) two gears can be adjusted, 2 inkjet maximum printing speed is 110m2/h, 4 inkjet maximum printing speed is 200m2/h, both quality and efficiency, to meet a variety of process requirements.
  • Standard "front feed paper" or "back feed paper" structure; alter native "front + back" double feed paper structure, suitable for seamless switching between various paper materials.
  • Streamlined design ensures quick installation, simple operation and easy maintenance.
  • High strength Aeronautical Aluminium Profiles + precision trans mission components (BANDO high precision synchronous belt+NSK bearing), maximize the life of equipment, ensure 7*24 hours continuous work, suitable for long-time and large-scale drawing.
  • Engineering PC transparent windows, in addition to dust and storm resistance, can also maximize the safety factor.
  • Servo control system + linear grating ruler, to ensure high stability and printing accuracy.
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Series RPSP-NM-ID-1-1800-II-WC2-FF-1P220
Paper Widthl ≤2000mm ≤2400mm
Cartridges No. 2/4
Receiving Paper System Automatic paper receiving
Paper Weight 35
Plotting Speed 110m2/hour(two cartridges)200m2/hour(four cartridges)
Cartridge Type HP45
Plot Precision 0.025mm
Paper 45-120g
Data Transfer USB2.0/network cable (RJ-45)
Motor Type Servo moto
Data Format HPGL
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