Airbag Laser Cutting Machine with Multi-layer Auto Feeder

Goldenlaser solutions dedicated to airbag laser cutting ensure quality, safety and saving, respond to the proliferation and diversification of airbags required by new safety standards. Safety regulations may be changing in the airbag sector, but quality standards are ever more stringent. By combining precision, reliability and speed, Goldenlaser’s specialized airbag laser cutting technologies ensure enhanced productivity and flexibility while maintaining excellent cutting quality.

Model No.: JMCCJG-250350LD

Laser source: CO2 RF laser
Laser power: 150 watt / 300 watt / 600 watt / 800 watt
Working area: (W×L) 2500mm×3500mm (98.4” ×137.8”)
Working table: Vacuum conveyor working table
Cutting speed: 0-1,200mm/s
Acceleration: 8,000mm/s2



Laser Cutting of Automotive Airbags

As part of the passive safety system, automotive airbags play a very important role in improving passenger safety. These various airbags require efficient and flexible processing solutions.

Laser cutting has been widely used in the field of automotive interiors. Such as the cutting and marking of fabrics such as car carpets, car seats, car cushions, and car sunshades. Today, this flexible and efficient laser processing technology has been gradually applied to the cutting process of airbags.

The laser cutting system significantly advantages compared with the mechanical die cutting system. First of all, the laser system does not use die tools, which not only saves the cost of the tooling itself, but also does not cause delays in the production plan due to die tools manufacturing.

In addition, the mechanical die-cutting system also has many limitations, which stem from its characteristics of processing through the contact between the cutting tool and the material. Different from the contact processing method of mechanical die cutting, laser cutting is a non-contact processing and will not cause material deformation.

Moreover, laser cutting of airbag cloth has the advantage that besides the fast cuts the cloth is melted at the cutting edges immediately, which avoids fraying. Owing to the good possibility of automation, also complex work piece geometries and various cutting shapes can be easily generated.

Laser Cutting System for Airbag Production

 JMC SERIES → High Precision, Fast, Highly Automated

The Advantages of Airbags Cutting with Laser
Saving labor

Multi-layer cutting, cutting 10-20 layers at a time, saving 80% of labor compared to single-layer cutting
Shorten the process

Digital operation, design and process integration, no need for tool construction or changeover. After laser cutting, the cut pieces can be directly used for sewing without any post-processing.
High quality, high yield

Laser cutting is thermal cutting, resulting in automatic sealing of the cutting edges. Moreover, laser cutting is high precision and it is not limited by graphics, the yield is as high as 99.8%.
High efficiency, high productivity

Integrating the world's advanced technology and standardized production, the laser cutting machine is safe, stable and reliable. The daily output of a machine is 1200 sets. (Calculated by processing 8 hours per day)
Safe, environmentally friendly and low operating costs

The core components are maintenance-free, require no additional consumables, and cost only about 6 kWh per hour.

The laser cutting machine uses a 600 watt CO2 RF laser as the laser source. Now cut 20 layers of airbag material at a time.

The display screen of the laser cutting machine on-site indicates that 3 sets of single layout in the format, using 2580mm width fabric, cutting time about 12 minutes.
A laser cutting machine can cut 60 sets of airbags every 12 minutes (20 layers × 3 sets)

About 300 sets per hour (60 sets × (60/12))

Based on 8 hours working time per day, about 2400 sets can be cut per day.

Only one manual operation is required.

Consumables only need 6kwh per hour.

Four Reason to Choose GOLDENLASER JMC SERIES Laser Cutting System

1. Precision tension feeding

No tension feeder will easy to distort the variant in the feeding process, resulting the ordinary correction function multiplier; Tension feeder in a comprehensive fixed on both sides of the material at the same time, with automatically pull the cloth delivery by roller, all process with tension, it will be perfect correction and feeding precision.

2. High-speed cutting

Rack and pinion motion system equipped with high-power laser, reach to 1200 mm/s cutting speed, 8000 mm/s2 acceleration speed.

3. Automatic sorting system

Fully automatic sorting system. Make the material feeding, cutting, sorting at one time.

4. Customizing the size of the high-precision laser cutting bed

2300mm×2300mm (90.5 inch×90.5 inch), 2500mm×3000mm(98.4 inch×118 inch), 3000mm×3000mm (118 inch×118 inch), Or optional.


The Key Importance of Laser Cutting for Automotive Airbags

Multi-layer cutting

Simultaneous cutting of multiple layers, compared to single-layer cutting, yields increased volumes and decreased costs.
Capable of perforation precisely

Airbags are required to cut mounting holes. All holes processed with laser are clean and debris and discoloration free.
Clean and perfect cutting edges

Very high precision of laser cutting.
Automatic edges sealing.
No post-processing necessary.
Technical Parameters of the Cutting Laser Machine
Laser source CO2 RF laser
Laser power 150 watt / 300 watt / 600 watt / 800 watt
Working area (W×L) 2500mm×3500mm (98.4” ×137.8”)
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Cutting speed 0-1200mm/s
Acceleration 8000mm/s2
Repeated positioning accuracy ≤0.05mm
Moving system Offline mode servo motor motion system, High precision gear rack driving
Power supply AC220V±5% / 50Hz
Format support AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST
Options Auto feeder, red dot positioning, marker pen, Galvo system, double head
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