Polyprint TexJet Echo2

TexJet® Echo2

Why TexJet?

Because our DTG printers offer great value

The best quality for the lowest

cost per print in the industry!

Our DTG printers have helped thousands of start-ups and small businesses launch and scale up in the textile industry.

Amaze your customers with spectacular personalized garments and take your apparel business to the next level with our easy-to-use, low-maintenance products.

Your ticket to success

in the DTG world

Whether starting or growing a garment business, you want to buy products that offer good quality, easy use, and solid returns on your investment. So why settle for less? The TexJet® echo² offers superior results, simple use and maintenance, excellent efficiency, and quick ROI. Best of all, you can customize it to fit your needs.

Amaze your customers!

This DTG printer’s advanced features deliver breathtaking results and seamless production, taking your portfolio beyond t-shirts with custom hoodies, personalized shoes, designer creations – infinite apparel possibilities!
With a print area of 41×60 cm (16.1×23.6 in), 10 quick-swap platens, and the ability to use our hybrid* process, this machine is a versatile yet economical choice, designed to simplify the clothing-decoration experience without sacrificing quality.
Let’s break it down: You can produce 50 t-shirts in 2 hours.†By selling 25 t-shirts a day, you can get back the money you spent on the TexJet® echo² within the first quarter!

*Combine with traditional screen printing to skip pre-treatment, reduce ink costs and add special effects.
†Based on 15 darks and 35 whites with a 25×20 cm (10×8 in) design at 720×720 dpi CMYK and 1440×720 dpi WHITE.

Make your products stand out!

Want to create photo-realistic designs with top-notch white-ink density and single-pass coverage? Then check out this DTG printer.

Scalpel-sharp detail and vivid colors.

Get the smallest ink drop in the industry (3pl) to achieve crisp details and guaranteed customer satisfaction!

Flawless ink distribution
Sealed cartridges keep your ink fresh and flowing smoothly, reducing clogging and quality issues. And user-refillable cartridges with bulk ink are perfect to reduce costs for high-volume runs.

No more ink waste

The TexJet® echo² can remain idle for up to 30 days without losing a drop!
Less maintenance
Sealed cartridges deliver better ink flows than bulk ink, meaning less cleaning and more production time. When you’re ready to run, the maintenance routine takes only five minutes of following the steps on the display.
Quick diagnosis
This DTG printer keeps data logs, so our support team can remotely diagnose problems, and detailed archives of your print counts, so you can track your maintenance intervals.

Easy to use, dive right in

Never used one of these machines before? That’s okay!

Work quickly

Load garments fast with automatic height adjustments and snap-on platens. Video tutorials, our knowledge base, and one-on-one training can take you from zero to profit in no time.

Work smoothly

The intuitive interface and helpful messages guide you to the right working conditions, and the RIP software will streamline your workflow.

Spacious print area

Expand your product lines to customized bath towels and bedsheets with one of the largest print areas in the industry, 41×60 cm (16.1×23.6 in). And the TexJet® echo² has 10 platen options to broaden your spectrum to allover designs, denim, and even further.

Automatic height adjustment

A specially designed sensor sets the ideal distance between the fabric and the printhead, so you can easily change applications (t-shirts, hoodies, towels, totes, etc.).

Pretreatment solutions

How should you pretreat? Pretreatment solutions (applied to the apparel prior to printing) guarantee sharp details, even on the most intricate designs, and strong colors, wash after wash.
Dark textiles
  • P5001: Industry standard for dark fabrics to achieve high print quality, with rich, vibrant colors and a soft feel.
  • P5003: Option for dark fabrics; faster white ink drying, shorter fix times, and 30% higher wash fastness (optimized for tunnel drying as well).
Light textiles
  • Polycoating: Improves vividness and detail accuracy on light-colored cotton and polyester; increases wash fastness by 30%.
Available for TexJet® shortee², TexJet® echo²

Ink type

Which ink will suit your needs best? Excellent consistency, vibrant colors, and overall performance deliver superior DTG printing results.
  • Dupont (CMYKW): Industry standard; reliable, top-notch ink for impeccable performance and solid repeatability.
  • Power Inks (CMYK): Increased vibrancy, 30% more wash fastness, and shorter fix times (120 seconds on darks and 60 on lights) – great for high-volume runs (best in daily use).

Available for TexJet® shortee², TexJet® echo²

Ink supply

High volume or short runs? Every day or now and then? Select the cartridge type that works best for your production volume and frequency.
  • Sealed (single use): Easy, clean, and ready to use with optimum performance and quality (ideal for low volumes and infrequent runs).
  • User-refillable (bulk ink): Ideal for high volumes, frequent runs, and limited margins (fulfillment, fashion, etc.)

Available for TexJet® echo²

Ink setup

Lights, darks, or both? Choose a setup that best fits your production needs, CMYK+4W or 2xCMYK. If you change your mind, you can change your choice!
  • CMYK +4W: Standard for both light and dark garments.
  • 2x CMYK: 40% faster printing on light garments or designs without white ink – ideal for high-volume runs.

Available for TexJet® shortee², TexJet® echo²

Efficient design

Quick platen switching and garment setting equal faster results for your on-demand customers.

Easy-to-use keypad

The intuitive interface even alerts you to environmental conditions that could affect production.

Ink setup

Lights, darks, or both? Choose between CMYK +4White for both lights and darks or 2x CMYK for only light garments or prints without white ink. Best of all, you can change your choice if you want!

Ink supplies that suit your needs

Use refillable cartridges and bulk ink for large runs to reduce costs or sealed cartridges for small runs to improve ink flow.

Earn the fastest ROI on the market!

The TexJet® echo² can pay for itself within three months! Want to know how? Contact our consultants for a personalized ROI calculation and to find out whether this DTG printer is right for you.

Impress your customers and
improve your prospects!

  • 3-pl drop size and single-pass coverage, perfect for great results
  • 10 platen options, perfect for growing your portfolio
  • Advanced features and wide print area, perfect for scaling up

Snap-on platens

Generate a variety of personalized garments! Our platens snap on magnetically and come in a range of shapes and sizes. The adjustable frame system keeps thin and thick textiles flat, offering the best customization.
  • TexJet® shortee2: 6 options from 15×15 cm (6×6 in) to 32×45 cm (12×18 in)
  • TexJet® echo2: 10 options from 15×15 cm (6×6 in) to 41×60 cm (16×24 in) – even a shoe platen!

Available for TexJet® shortee², TexJet® echo²

Screen & Digital Mix

Take screen printing to the next level! Get the best of both worlds by combining screen and digital. You can now skip pre-treatment, lower ink costs, and add special effects.

Screening the white base on dark fabrics costs less than doing it digitally and is faster. You can also add shimmer or other effects to increase the value and appeal of your customized apparel.

Digitally printing the colors (CMYK) sets your imagination free while saving time and money by avoiding multiple screens.

Available for TexJet® shortee², TexJet® echo²

RIP software included

The Cadlink Digital Factory Apparel v10 – Polyprint Edition RIP suite will do half the thinking for you – conserving ink, streamlining workflows, editing, even budgeting!

Your ticket to success in the DTG world

Whether starting or growing a garment business, you want to buy products that offer good quality, easy use, and solid returns on your investment. So why settle for less? The TexJet® echo² offers superior results, simple use and maintenance, excellent efficiency, and quick ROI. Best of all, you can customize it to fit your needs.
MAX PRINT AREA 41x60 cm (16.1x23.6 in)
PRINTABLE TEXTILES Cotton, light coloured polyester, cotton/poly blends, linen, viscose, leather, canvas, denim and more.
PRINT RESOLUTION CMYK +4W: 720x720, 1080x720, 1440x720, 1080x1440, 1440x1440 dpi
2x CMYK: 720x360, 720x720 dpi
PRINT-HEAD TYPE Piezoelectric DOD, 8 channels, 180 nozzles per channel
HEAD HEIGHT 2,5 mm (0.1 in)
MEDIA THICKNESS 18 mm (0.71 in) max
*Including loading/unloading time.
35 Light - 15 Dark t-shirts/hour
CMYK: 720x720 dpi - W: 1440x720 dpi
Design size: 25x20 cm (10x8 in)
INKS CMYKW, Water-based textile pigment inks
INK FEED Pressurized Delivery
Standard: Vacuum-sealed cartridges, 140 ml (4.73 fl oz)
Optional: Pressurized refillable cartridges, 160 ml (5.41 fl oz)
CONNECTIVITY USB 2.0, Ethernet 10/100
SOFTWARE CADlink Digital Factory Apparel | Polyprint Edition v10
POWER AC 110-230V, 50-60Hz, 60-80W
OPERATING CONDITIONS Range: 10-30° C (50-86° F) with 30-70% relative humidity
Ideal: 20° C (68° F) with 55% RH
DIMENSIONS, WEIGHT L1280xW750xH458 mm (L50xW29xH19 in), 95kg (209.4 lbs)
PLATENS Included
Standard: 34x52 cm (+frame)

Max size: 41x60 cm (16.1x23.6 in)
Hoodies: 33x27 cm (12.9x 10.6 in)
Polo: 30x43 cm (11.8x16.9 in)
Shoe Platen
Face Mask Platen
14x30 cm (+frame) (5.5x11.8 in) (+frame)
15x15 cm (5.9x5.9 in) (+frame)
27x32 cm (10.6x12.5 in) (+frame)
27x40 cm (10.6x15.7 in) (+frame)
30x45 cm (11.8x17.7 in)
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