Filter Cloth Laser Cutting Machine for Industrial Filtration Industry

Modelo.: JMCCJG-350400LD


Automatic, fast and precision processing of filtration fabrics with flatbed CO2 laser cutting machines from goldenlaser

→ JMC SERIES CO2 Laser Cutter - High Precision, Fast, Highly Automated

High precision rack and pinion. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s, the ACC up to 8000mm/s2, maintain long-term stability. World-class CO2 metal RF lasers. Vacuum conveyor working table. Automatic feeding, tension correction, for continuous feeding and cutting.

Exact fabric shapes can be made through CAD programming and exchanged to our CO2 laser cutters. You are guaranteed exactness, speed and a definitive in quality of filter media processing.
  • Laser type: CO2 RF laser
  • Laser power: 150W, 300W, 600W, 800W
  • Working area: 3500mm x 4000mm
  • Application: Filter materials and industrial fabrics laser cutting

Filtration Industry Introduction

As an important environmental protection and safety control process, filtration has been widely used in many fields, from industrial gas-solid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation, solid-solid separation, to air purification and water purification of daily home appliances. Specific applications include waste gas emission treatment in power plants, steel plants, cement plants, air filtration in textile and garment industry, sewage treatment, filtration and crystallization in chemical industry, air filtration in automobile industry, oil circuit filtration, and air filtration in household air conditioners and vacuum cleaners.

Currently, the filter materials are mainly fiber materials, woven fabrics. In particular, fiber materials are mainly synthetic fibers such as cotton, wool, linen, silk, viscose fiber, polypropylene, nylon, polyester, polyurethane, aramid, as well as glass fiber, ceramic fiber, metal fiber, etc.

With the continuous expansion of the application fields of filtration, new filter materials are constantly emerging, and the filtration products range from filter press cloth, dust cloth, dust bag, filter screen, filter cartridge, filter barrels, filters, filter cotton to filter element.

Laser automatic processing flow

Our high-standard manufacturing of CO2 laser cutting machines, multi-functional expansion, configuration of automatic feeding and sorting systems, research and development of practical software... All in order to provide customers with high production efficiency, optimized production process, saving economic costs and time costs, and maximize the benefits.


Superiorities of JMC Series CO2 Laser Cutter Machine

1. Fully enclosed structure

Large format laser cutting bed with fully enclosed structure to ensure the cutting dust does not leak, suitable for operation in the intensive production plant.

In addition, the user-friendly wireless handle can realize remote operation.

2. Gear & Rack driven

High-precision Gear & Rack driving system. High speed. Cutting speed up to 1200mm/s, acceleration 8000mm/s2, and can maintain long-term stability.
  • High level of precision and repeatability.
  • Ensure excellent cutting quality.
  • Durable and powerful. For your 24/7h production‎.
  • Service life longer than 10 years.

3. Feeding system

Auto-feeder specification:

The width of single roller range from 1.6 meters ~ 8 meters; the maximum diameter of roll is 1 meter; Affordable weight up to 500 KG
Auto-induction feeding by cloth inductor; Right-and-left deviation correction; Material positioning by edge control

Precision tension feeding
No tension feeder will easy to distort the variant in the feeding process, resulting the ordinary correction function multiplier;

Tension feeder in a comprehensive fixed on both sides of the material at the same time, with automatically pull the cloth delivery by roller, all process with tension, it will be perfect correction and feeding precision.

4. Exhaust and filter units
  • Always achieve maximum cutting quality.
  • Different materials apply to different working tables.
  • Independently control of the upward or downward extraction.
  • Suction pressure throughout the table.
  • Ensure optimal air quality in the production environment.

5. Marking systems
According to customer requirements, a contactless ink-jet printer device and a mark pen device can be installed on the laser head to mark the filter material, which is convenient for later sewing.

Functions of ink-jet printer:

1. Mark figures and cut edge accurately

2. Number off-cut
Operators can mark on off-cut with some information such as off-cut size and mission name

3. Contactless marking
Contactless marking is the best choice for sewing. The precise location lines make subsequent work more easily.

6. Customizable cutting areas

2300mm×2300mm (90.5in×90.5in), 2500mm×3000mm (98.4in×118in), 3000mm×3000mm (118in×118in), 3500mm×4000mm (137.7in×157.4in) Or other options. The largest working area is up to 3200mm×12000mm (126in×472.4in).


Filter materials cut by laser

Filtration as an important environmental and safety control process generally sorted as gas-solid separation, gas-liquid separation, solid-liquid separation, solid-solid separation. Usually laser processing filter cloth is mainly made of technical textile.

It costs much time by traditional processing such as die cutting and CNC cutting. On one hand, traditional cutting always cause rough edges which affect next steps. On the other hand, long time cutting cause tool wear, and it cost time to replace them. Besides, die cutting need preparing die tools. But laser processing could almost avoid all these defects, processing design figures freely by very easy adjustment.

Filter materials (filter fabrics and filter mats) suitable for laser cutting:

Polyester, Polypropylene (PP), Polyurethane (PU), Polyethylene (PE), Polyamide (Nylon), Filter Fleece, Foam, Nonwoven, Paper, Cotton, PTFE, Fiberglass (fiberglass, glass fiber) and other industrial fabrics.

Application Materials
Filtration fabrics, filter cloth, glass fiber, non-woven fabric, paper, foam, cotton, polypropylene, polyester, PTFE, polyamide fabrics, synthetic polymer fabrics, nylon and other industrial fabrics.

Samples of Laser Cutting Filter Media

Search more about laser solutions for filters?

We would be glad to advise you on the laser cutting of filter materials, on our laser machines and special options for filter machining. Contact us!

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Main Technical Parameter of JMCCJG350400LD Industrial CO2 Laser Cutting Machine
Laser type CO2 RF laser tube
Laser power 150W / 300W / 600W / 800W
Working Area 3.5m×4m (137"×157")
Working table Vacuum conveyor working table
Motion system Gear and rack driven, Servo motor
Cutting speed 0-1200mm/s
Acceleration 8000mm/s2
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Format supported PLT, DXF, AI, DST, BMP
Power supply AC380V±5% 50/60Hz 3Phase
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