Richpeace Stripe and Plaid Matching Cutting Machine

High-end clothing customization, the effect of the "alignment matched stripe and plaid" process has become the important measurement on the quality of this type of clothing. Richpeace stripe and plaid auto cutter is the equipment specially developed for this process to meet "matching stripe and plaid" clothing. Suitable for single ply cutting process of striped & plaided fabrics.

Product Introduction

1. Richpeace Stripe and Plaid Matching Auto Cutter, equipped with Double Knives + Pen Draw (Punching) working mode, special for various stripes and plaids fabric cutting in single ply.

2. Equipped with a few HD industrial cameras, according to the capture size to perform intelligent combination, ensure the high accuracy fabric images capturing.

3. Import HD images to Richpeace stripe & plaid matching software CAD, intelligent adjust cutting pieces positioning, high accuracy alignment, easy and convenient.

4. HD definition project and simulate the plaids with real time nesting dynamic display, ensure the nesting is correctly without mistake. 

5. Standard configuration with high-performance computer, 15 inches industrial monitor, high speed computation processor, improve production efficiency.

6. After nesting, then auto execute cutting. Double knives mode can meet the cutting process of knitted, woven and leather with alignment matched on stripe & plaid, and graphics pattern.

7. Optional with constant tension automatic feeding rack, to reduce knit fabric tension, effectively lower shrinkage rate of cutting pieces.

8. Optional receiving table, cutting and collecting finished cut pieces at the same time, further improve production efficiency.

Knives Function

  • Round Knife: Single ply knitted and woven fabrics (cutting the outer shape).
  • Vibration Knife: Single ply knitted and woven fabrics ( for I/V/T shape liked cutting).
  • Punching Knife: Single ply knitted and woven fabrics (for U-shaped cutting).


RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-1200×1600-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-2500×1600-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-3500×1600-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-1200×1800-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-2500×1800-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

RPFP-NM-PD+DKC-1-3500×1800-SGSF-P+CK-PP+AF+AR-3P380 (with Receiving Table)

Speed Three-phase AC380V±10% (three-phase five-wire)
Power Installation Area




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