Richpeace Computerized Mixed Chenille Embroidery Machine


Main Application

Richpeace embroidery machines RPCE-MC series are mixed models with high speed chenille/chain stitch head and traditional embroidery head. It is built with the latest high speed chenille heads (Max. 1200 SPM) and flat heads (Max. 1200 SPM). Both heads are the most advanced on the market, allowing for high quality stitches. The combined machine allows you to mix chenille embroidery and traditional embroidery for versatile and distinctive work. It also has various optional devices to add sequins, cords, loose beads, laser cutting, etc. to the embroidery. It is especially suitable for fashion garments, children's clothes, home textiles, knitted garments, made of various natural cotton fabrics, artificial fabrics, etc. Your investment and income are guaranteed by Richpeace's more than 30 years of experience.

Main Features

  • Maximum operating speed up to 1,200 PPM;
  • All chassis has been redesigned, double beam structure, made of high rigidity steel, avoid vibration at high speed;
  • New dynamic thread cutting system, allows to control the thread cutting length, higher efficiency, silent working and better embroidery quality and productivity;
  • New colour change system with servo motor and digital positioning, allows to change from needle 1 to needle 12 in 3 seconds;
  • New high precision and fluidity pantograph with linear supports that assure more perfect stitches;
  • Powerful and precise control through specially designed servo motor systems for the main axis and X/Y axis;
  • Genuine parts and automatic lubrication system protect durability during 24 hours of operation;
  • High sensitivity intelligent thread breakage detection minimizes the possibility of missing a stitch;

Flat Head Features

  • Unique design of CAM system and whip main driver for a perfect, bright and accurate stitch;
  • Rack movement system with linear profile and high precision ball skids;
  • The presser foot drive system allows silent movement improving user experience;
  • Easy-to-adjust presser foot height according to different thickness of fabrics and materials;
  • Fluid feeding of the embroidery thread on the single tension base, even with metallic threads;
  • Stable upper thread braking system, does not allow any thread to come off after cutting, even after frequent cutting;

Características da Cabeça de Chenille:

  • Patented high speed chenille head, with lower maintenance, more durable and quieter;
  • With compact design, the chenille head releases space for easy loading and unloading of embroidery pieces;
  • Genuine parts and automatic system of cleaning by compressed air blowing protects the equipment during 24 hours of continuous operation;
  • The entire chenille system is driven by servo motor technology that ensures fast and accurate rotation of the shuttle and needle;
  • An easily accessible cover on the chenille head and base for easy maintenance, lubrication and cleaning;
  • Automatic adjustment with 10 levels of chenille needle height for different fabrics;
  • Automatic switching between traditional embroidery and chenille/chain embroidery;

Configurações Principais

  • Richpeace electronic control system of 3rd generation, with industrial construction, developed with ARM+LINUX architecture, provides stable operation, flexible expansion, convenient and fast operation. Specifically developed to communicate with servomotor control systems, it enables high speed working, delicate embroidery and excellent designs. It is the fastest and most effective control system ever built;
  • Easy to manage embroidery machines and design archive through networking;
  • Multiple languages available with easy change on the control panel;
  • Memory to store up to 800 million stitches, and 1,000 designs properly organized by folders;
  • Multi-task operation, allows editing drawings, modifying parameters on the machine in operation;
  • Various optional devices are available on request. Please refer to Optional Function;
(* Features may be changed without notice or are optional or technical requirements. SPM are stitches per minute).
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