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4,10€pack 1
Polysoft Embroidery Thread
  • DURAK Poly-soft is a trilobal-polyester embroidery thread using continuous fibers, and with its bright, lively 420 colors, it is the perfect product for your embroidery needs.
Polyprint DTG Inks
  • Your customized designs will withstand wash after wash with our formulas, specifically created for DTG printers. Polyprint inks are user-friendly, green, and safe for even babies to wear.
2,50€pack 10
Polyprint Pre-Coating
  • Make those colors stick. When applied to apparel prior to printing, these solutions help the ink adhere, delivering crisp details, strong colors, and great wear for high-quality designs that last a long time.
2,20€pack 10
Agulhas DBxK5 - KK - Ponta RG
47,30€pack 1
Polyprint Cleaners Solutions
  • Keep your machine in top shape. Properly maintain your printers and print heads and you’ll get amazing customization for years.
1,70€pack 10
Agulhas DBxK5 - Ponta FFG
53,00€pack 1
Protection Papper
  • This paper will protect your heat presses from ink staining and give your personalized designs a matte finish and soft feel.
1,60€pack 10
Agulhas DBxK5 - Ponta R
325€pack 1
Polyprint Easy Table 41X60cm (no FRAME)
  • Maximum area tray with 41x60cm. Because this tray occupies the entire printing area, it has no frame.
1,70€pack 10
Embroidery needles
280€pack 1
Snap-On Platen 36x40cm
  • Snap-On Platen 36x40cm. Our frame system keeps garments in check, regardless of size or shape.
265€pack 1
Snap-On Platen 30x45cm for Polos
  • Snap-On Platen with an area of 30x45cm for Poles. This Snap-On Platen was developed specifically to facilitate printing on Poles.
Snap-on platens
  • Equip your printer with useful extras. Take your customization beyond t-shirts with our range of platen options and make the most of your workspace with our ergonomical stands.
4,60€pack 1
Óleo Lubrificante LB5
4,80€pack 1
Óleo Lubrificante LB7
3,70€pack 1
Cola Temporária para Bordados
3,85€pack 1
Cola para Bordados 905
3,80€pack 1
Spray de Limpeza Limpeza DK5
287€pack 1
Polyprint Snap-On Platen SHOE
  • Snap-On Platen for directly print on canvas shoes. This Snap-On Platen was developed specifically to facilitate provide custom designs on canvas shoes.

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