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Have you stored a large amount of embroidery designs in your computer or local network?

Is it difficult to find a particular design among thousands of file names?

Do you have to guess which is the "flower" design you are looking for?

Use Microsoft™ Windows Explorer© as your gallery for embroidery design files. Navigate through the Windows folders and see graphic samples of embroidery designs files without opening those files.

What does Embroidery Explorer Plugin do?

View embroidery design files stored as embroidery machine formatted files as thumbnail images in Microsoft™ Windows Explorer©.

View embroidery design files stored in Sierra native file format as thumbnail images in Microsoft™ Windows Explorer©.

View the mentioned files as thumbnail images in all programs that use the standard file browser (File Explorer© or Windows Explorer©).

Thumbnail View: Change the size of the thumbnail images on the folder contents panel

Preview Panel: Show a graphic sample of the design (3D simulation) with the basic information (file name, file format, stitch count, design size, colors, etc.)

Context Menu: Display technical properties of designs, including color sequence, machine commands, thread length by color, stitch length histogram, slow redraw, etc.


This is a software that turns your Windows Explorer into a catalog viewer for embroidery designs.

After the installation of EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN, Windows Explorer will show the embroidery designs files (on different machine formats) as drawings with their characteristics, facilitating the search and helping the organization and classification.

No training is required to use EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN. The user will be able to see the samples of the designs in the same way that he/she does with the images stored in the computer or in the network.

EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN is useful both for those who do not have any software for the embroidery designs creation or for those that already have some other software of any brand. This is a "must have" product for all workstations that work with embroidery designs.


While other brands sell products with similar characteristics, EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN is absolutely free for all users.

Each user can install it on as many computers as he/she wants to use for any application: organization of the design library, presentation to clients, designs for production, etc.

Users will be able to download EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN from the websites of authorized dealers in each country.

What are the objectives of EMBROIDERY EXPLORER PLUGIN?

Everyone benefits from the experience: the user, the distributor, and the software manufacturer. This is a win-win project. We list some benefits here.
  • Users will be able to view the designs organized as graphic catalogs, without doing anything at all.
  • Users can install the software on as many workstations as needed.
  • There is no need to learn how to use it, and it requires no assistance or support.
  • It is free. Similar applications have costs associated with them; this one does not.
We want many more users to have real-life experiences with products developed by our company, and that will allow us to create new business opportunities in the near future.

FREE APP... Embroidery Explorer Plugin is a free program.

Download and install this must-have tool on every computer where you would like to display your designs library.


1) Download the software from the following link: Click Here
2) When install the software you should register it and introduce the following code:
That is the basic information to get you started.
Download Embroidery Explorer Plugin (EEP) Setup Program
Click here to Download software.
The download process will start immediately
Run the EEP Setup Program

After the download ends, run the setup program: Open.
Select Language

Select your language (if available) or the language of your preference.Then click on “Next”
Install EEP
Follow the instructions of the Installation Wizard.Click on “Launch EEP”.Click on “Finish” button.Note: You can also launch EEP later, from the Windows Start Menu.
Register EEP license
You must complete the following form with accurate information about the user.Complete the Dealer Code field with the ID indicated in the right panel on this page.Click on “Send” to register the software on-line.You will receive an email message in the registered email account including the Activation Code.
Activate EEP
Fill the form with the Activation Code.Click on “Activate” button to register the software on-line.Note If you want to activate the software later, run EEP from the Windows Start Menu.
Select the Machine File Formats you use

Indicate which are the embroidery machine file formats you use (select all the file formats if you want)Click on “Apply” button.Note If you want to change the settings later, run EEP from the Windows Start Menu.
Use & Enjoy Embroidery Explorer Plugin
Open the File Explorer, browse on the folders of your computer or local network where there are embroidery designs.

Select the thumbnail view of your preference and use the File explorer as your favorite Embroidery Designs Catalog!
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Does the software expire?
No, it doesn’t expire. You can use this application as long as you want. Take into account that this software has been designed to run under certain platforms or operating systems. This application may run or not on future operating systems (it will depend on those operating systems, among other things).

Can I use this software and distribute it too?
You can only use this software for your own use. Only authorized software dealers can distribute our software products (for free or charged products). You can install and use this application in as many computers as you want.

Which are the supported Operating Systems?
Microsoft™ Windows 10 (32 bits, 64 bits)
Microsoft™ Windows 8 (32 bits, 64 bits)
Microsoft™ Windows 7 (32 bits, 64 bits)

Which are the supported Embroidery File Formats?
Tajima (.dst)
Barudan HD
Toyota (.10*)
Melco (.exp)
Happy (.tap)
Brother / Babylock / Bernina PEC (.pec)
Brother / Babylock / Bernina PES (.pes)
Brother (.phb)
Brother (.phc)
Elna/Janome (.sew)
Janome / New Home (.jef)
Singer (.xxx)
Pfaff Industrial (.ksm)
Pfaff (.pcd)
Pfaff (.pcm)
Pfaff (.pcs)
Pfaff (.vp3)

Why are the colors of some designs incorrectly assigned?
Some embroidery machine design files (stitch files) do not include information about the assigned colors, then Embroidery Explorer Plugin assigns the colors automatically according to an internal palette. As some embroidery file formats have changed from their first definition, it is possible that Embroidery Explorer Plugin doesn’t recognize some commands (including color changes) and the thumbnail or preview of some designs are far than accurate.
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