MARS Series Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine

Modelo Série MARS

Laser Cutting and Engraving Machine with Two Independent Processing Heads

The Goldenlaser MARS series are laser cutting and engraving machines with two independently controlled working heads on the X axis. The cutting heads are controlled by servo motors that allow cutting speed with high precision of movement and stability. The patented Golden Laser software technology controls the management of the cutting heads, being able to use one or two heads simultaneously depending on the work to process. By using two cutting heads, doubles the profitability, if you use a cutting head allows you to cut large drawings across the work area. It is an innovative machine, because it allows in the same physical space the same production of two equipments.

As it has independent control of the heads allows you to perform odd cuts, thus taking advantage of the entire width of the material with great efficiency. 

It is used for cutting and engraving fabric, leather, wood, acrylic, cork, plastic and many other materials.

It has as an option an advanced artificial vision system for recognition and detection of multipal images on the same palno for perfect cuts on printed, stamped, embroidered or sublimated designs.

Specific series of laser machines for diversified industries;
Advanced functions, excellent performance and good value for money;
A variety of laser powers, with different optional work tables;

MARS Series CO2 Laser Machine

Various work platform structures are available
Honeycomb working table Knife working table Conveyor working table Motorized lifting working table Shuttle working table
Work Area Options

Available Wattages

MARS Series Laser Machines come in a variety of table sizes, ranging from 1000mmx600mm, 1400mmx900mm, 1600mmx1000mm to 1800mmx1000mm MARS Series Laser Machines are equipped with CO2 DC glass laser tubes with laser power from 80 Watts, 110 Watts, 130 Watts to 150 Watts.

Dual Laser Heads

More Options

To maximize the production of your laser cutter, MARS Series have an option for dual lasers which will allow for two parts to be cut simultaneously.
Optical Recognition System
Red Dot Pointer
Multi-Head Smart Nesting

Two Cuting Heads with Independent Movement

Goldenlaser patented dual head laser control technology can not only ensure the uniform energy configuration of each laser head, but also automatically adjust the distance between two laser heads according to the width of the processing material data.

The two laser heads are used to cut the same pattern simultaneously, doubling the efficiency without taking up extra space or labor. If you always need to cut a lot of repeating patterns, this will be a good choice for your production.

Advanced Features

  • Two independent cutting heads
  • High speed and precision servo motors
  • “Off Line” control (Does not need to be connected to the computer)
  • Drawing input via USB disks, Network and USB connection
  • Large working area with 1700 * 1000mm
  • Robust work table in galvanized steel honeycomb
  • Internal memory for 50 drawings
  • Cut counting and timing
  • Includes compressor, industrial chiller and extractor fan
  • Supports vector graphics, image and embroidery files
  • Controls multiple colors (Layers) with different speeds and powers

Auto Recognition and Image Cutting

Golden Laser professional CCD camera and software system allows for quick self-recognition and image cutting efficiency on fabrics. To adapt to the different needs and applications of the textile industry, there are multiple methods of image detection and self-recognition, such as the method of image recognition, positioning by points and automatic contour capture. Recognizes and cuts different designs on the same working area.

Main Features
  • Fast and accurate
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Easy to set up and operate
  • Crop while recognizing
  • Recognizes everything and cuts out at the end
  • Recognizes mirror designs
  • Recognizes designs with different shapes
  • Professional camera and recognition software
  • Various methods of image detection and recognition
  • Recognizes and adjusts cropping in randomly rotated designs

 The Fifth Generation Software
Goldenlaser patented software has more powerful functions, stronger applicability and higher reliability, bringing users a full range of super experience.
Intelligent interface, 4.3-inch color touch screen The storage capacity is 128M and can store up to 80 files The use of net cable or USB communication
Path optimization enables manual and intelligent options. Manual optimization can arbitrarily set the processing path and direction. The process can achieve the function of memory suspension, power-off continuous cutting and real-time speed regulation.
Unique dual laser head system intermittent work, independent work and motion trajectory compensation control function. Remote assistance feature, use the Internet to solve technical issues and training remotely.

Applicable Materials and Industries

Suitable for fabric, leather, acrylic, wood, MDF, veneer, plastic, EVA, foam, fiberglass, paper, cardboard, rubber and other non-metallic materials. Applicable to clothing and accessories, shoe uppers and soles, bags and suitcases, cleaning supplies, toys, advertising, crafts, decoration, furniture, printing and packaging industries, etc.
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CO2 Laser Cutter Engraver Technical Parameters

Laser Type CO2 DC glass laser tube
Laser Power 80W / 110W / 130W / 150W
Working Area 1000mm×600mm, 1400mm×900mm, 1600mm×1000mm, 1800mm×1000mm
Working Table Honeycomb working table
Positioning Accuracy ±0.1mm
Motion System Step motor
Cooling System Constant temperature water chiller
Exhaust System 550W / 1.1KW Exhaust fan
Air Blowing System Mini air compressor
Power Supply AC220V ± 5% 50/60Hz
Graphic Format Supported AI, BMP, PLT, DXF, DST
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