Richpeace Automatic Double heads Double Colors Sewing Machine


Key features

Product Introduction

  • Automatic holding clamp device, the accuracy of template positioning is higher, still stable running during the high speed and high frequency condition, convenient and fast, repeat positioning accuracy.
  • Bridge structure, stable, less noisy and high precision.
  • Double colors sewing head can switch the stitch line automatically.
  • The distance between the two heads is 200mm.
  • 15 inchs industrial computer control panel.
  • Automatic sewing, fixed in three sides, automatic clamping to ensure the sewing process stable and without wrinkle, running precisely.
  • Upper clamp device can avoid the adverse reactions of thread and needle at the beginning and avoid the issue that can’t catch the under thread up.
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Product Parameters
Model RPAS-L-O-2-900X700-B-2HR-UTC

Working Area

900*700(Other sizes can be customized)
Speed ≤2000rpm/min,leather material recommended 1200rpm/min
Suture type Single needle lock stitch
Stitch Step 0.5-8mm
Presser foot lifts height 12mm
Head up and down stroke 50mm
Thread Trimming device Pneumatic thread trimmer
Frame pressure type Pneumatic pressure frame
Rotary Hook Koban Japan
Power supply / Power (Single phase)220V/3kw
Air pressure 0.5-0.6Mpa


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