Richpeace Super Thick Material Large Rotary Hook Multi-needle Quilting Machine


Key features
Product Introduction
  • Adopt gantry style frame-moving sewing structure, single row of 14 needles, X-direction movement is 160mm, Y-direction movement is 2000mm.
  • Richpeace full servo control system makes sewing products more precise.
  • When machine working, the upper and lower machine heads are fixed, and the quilting frame can move easily in X/Y direction. Realize the sewing of cloth accessories.
  • The lower platen platform has the function of supporting cloth accessories, and the height of the platen surface and the needle plate surface are the same.
  • The cloth accessories are clamped on the quilting frame in advance, and the cloth accessories are replaced together with the replacement frame when replacing the cloth accessories.
  • The two ends of the frame are open, the fabric loading and reclaiming can be carried out in turn before and after the host.
  • The main machine is equipped with a loading table at the front and back. The two ends of the loading table are equipped with slide rails and bearings to facilitate the in and out of the quilting frame. The replacement of cloth accessories needs to be completed manually.
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