Richpeace Automatic Sewing and Cutting (Round Knife) Machine


Key features

Suitable for collar, sleeve tab, cuff, pocket cover, placket front and other garments and other thin material products that need to be sewn and cut.

1. Richpeace independent research and development computer control system, easy to learn, 10 minutes to get started;

2. Richpeace Software, Electronic control, mechanical integration production advantages, product quality and after-sales guarantee;

3. Standard with round cutter device, realize the integration of sewing and cutting, intelligent environmental protection and high efficiency;

4. Pressure sensitive presser foot, according to the different thickness of the material, automatically adjust the height of the presser foot, to ensure accurate and beautiful stitching;

5. Down-Proof technology to ensure no down leakage during sewing process of down jacket and to ensure high-quality sewing;

6. Machine head with atomization lubrication oil, noise reducing, longer machine lifetime;

7. Steel cable synchronous belt, rotary hook, bearing, guide rail and pneumatic parts are all good quality brands to ensure machine longer lifetime;

8. X guide rail structure, easy to install template, simple operation, fast and efficient;

9. Folding workbench, exquisite structure, convenient for garment factories to rearrange;

10. Barcode identification file function, save tedious pattern replacement access time, support four patterns cycle;

11. Richpeace template CAD, import various template files , without format conversion, easy to use and easy to learn;
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