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White bobbin thread for embroidery

Frequently forgotten, bobbin thread is essential for embroidery, as embroidery results from the balance between the upper and lower threads. Many users underestimate the importance of good quality thread in embroidery work. BobbinNext thread has been specifically designed to ensure exceptional embroidery quality.

BobbinNext is a thin, soft but break-resistant bobbin thread. It is indispensable for the process and the special impact of embroidery. 100% Polyester with spun microfibers, high resistance due to the quality of the spinning, thinner to make the most of the machine's operating time, it allows for excellent quality and guarantees very demanding embroidery.

Here is some technical information and useful advice:

For technical and efficiency reasons, the bobbin thread should be as thin as possible; too thick a thread can lead to more frequent breakages.

It is crucial to keep the bobbin cases clean and replace them every 1,000 hours of operation due to wear and the inability to maintain the tension settings accurately.

The bobbin thread usage is about 3 meters per 1,000 stitches, although this varies depending on the stitch size, fabric density and thread tension.

To assess the tension, examine the back of the embroidery: ideally, in a zig-zag, a third of the visible thread should be bobbin thread, ensuring that it doesn't protrude from the front. If bobbin thread is visible at the top edges of the embroidery, this may indicate that the upper thread tension is too high or that the bobbin thread tension is too low.

Take the filled bobbin case by the thread end and leave it hanging to check the tension (place a hand underneath so it doesn't fall to the ground). If the bobbin case moves down a few centimeters and stops, the tension is correct. If it doesn't move, the bobbin thread is too tight. If it falls to the ground, it's because it's too loose and you forgot to put your hand under it to hold it!
  • Special polyester thread for embroidery bobbins
  • High resistance
  • High performance
  • 15,000 meters per cone
  • White and Black

Available in 15,000-meter cones in white and black.
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